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Hey aspiring trendspotters and coolhunters,

The style maven here.

Bringing you the definitive trend analysis training program. In just ten short weeks you could be ready for a fabulous career traveling to the world's most exciting desitnations in search of the next big thing - did I mention the six figure income you could earn.

Spotted! Professional Training for Trendspotters and Coolhunters is the only program of its kind. Fortune 500 companies such as Walt Disney, Wal-Mart Stores, and Best Buy are more than happy to pay serious money to people with the knowledge and insight we provide.

Created by currently practicing industry professionals with more than 15 years combined experience; backed by the American Advertising Federation and featured in Adage and Paper, Spotted! is a pioneer in trendspotting education.

Wondering whether you really need training to search for stuff that's cool?

Take it from the professionals, there's big money in guessing the next big thing but you can lose just as big in getting it wrong.

We can help you reduce your number of misses by teaching you how to not only spot the cool before anybody else but also how to identify emerging movements in popular culture (such as random acts of kindness) and translate that information into consumer insights, (such as consumers wanting to see the human side of brands), that companies pay big bucks for.

Successful forecasters don't just happen - they're trained by cool gurus at the top of their game. Check out our program to get in fast on the hottest career around. Come and join the hunt.